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Bathroom Vanity Silestone Countertops Halifax,Dartmouth, Nova Scota

Bathroom Vanity Promo

Your choice of available colours (In stock only)
Includes  Eased Edge profile
Sink Hole Cut
$59.00 per square Foot 
Only available once you purchase our Kitchen program 
Sink Is Extra

                   Limited Colours Are Available On First Come Bases Only

Video Above is the Eco Series Silestone

Care and Maintenance of Silestone.

 Silestone quartz countertop is a cleaner, safer surface, making it easy to sustain and looking like new for years to come. Just follow a simple cleaning routine for long-lasting enjoyment. 

Daily Cleaning Routine - - For a silestone countertop with a polished finish, we recommend you use a mild household cleaner, such as Formula 409®, Fantastik®, Lysol® or Windex®. In case of stubborn spills or stains, soak the area for up to 10 minutes with one of the above cleaners and vigorously wipe away with a Scotch Brite® pad.
Silestone Leather MD does show daily living more frequently and therefore requires more daily maintenance than other Silestone Quartz products. For your daily cleaning routine we recommend mild soap and water and ‘Leather Plus’ – see in Care & Cleaning product’ section of this web site.

CAUTION: The following will harm a quartz countertop Drano®, Liquid Plummer®, oven cleaners and floor strippers. Do NOT use these or any other harsh chemicals on your silestone countertop surfaces.