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Vinyl-Cabinet-Doors Halifax Nova Scotia

 Kitchen Refacers Vinyl Cabinet Doors in Halifax Nova Scotia or PVC Door replacement program. Thermoform  is our supplier of cabinet Doors and offers a 12 year warranty which is the longest in the industry. A cost effective way to update your kitchen refacing or modeling project. Switch over your kitchen cupboard doors over the weekend and create a new kitchen design. Kitchen Refacers and Thermoform cares about the environment and contributes in protecting and respecting it. Thermoform carefully chooses suppliers adhering to the high standards of CARB (California Air Resources Board), standards regarded as the leading norm in the furniture and building industry.

One Piece PVC Door Most Popular

Cupboard doors

This one piece  PVC door is basically made of two main components: thermoplastic (PVC), for the aesthetic coating shell and MDF (pine fibre), for the core structure.There are no seams or joints on the door front making water penatration into the MDF core impossible

Thermoplastic (PVC), is a polymer compound manufactured without pollutant emissions, using a water-based adhesion process allowing for a manufacturing process that is also emission free. Thermoplastic can be recuperated and is 100% recyclable. The cut-out leftover pieces from the manufacturing process are bundled and sent to a recycling facility.

MDF is made of 100% recycled or salvaged wood particles, amalgamated using a preparation of resin, that can be urea formaldehyde free. This EPP (Environmentally Preferable Product) certified medium-density fiberboard is certified to respect the standards and requirements that allow for collecting LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) points and USGBC (US Green Building Council) environmental building credits.

See what it takes to makes a better cabinet  door.

5 Piece PVC Door

cabinet door repair

This 5 piece  cabinet door is assembled in the same manner as a wooden door. You have a center panel. The sides called the door styles and the cross pieces call the rails. All of the door components are assembled with

glue and dowels. Center panel and rail/style profiles are available along with a large section of solid and wood grain colours click here. Thermofoil cabinet door colours
More door styles  Thermofoil cabinet doors replacements

The doors have an appearance that can easily be mistaken with real wood doors but are actually made of a mixture of compressed pine fibers (MDF), melamine and polyester. They are easy to clean, resistant and matches to the majority of melamine colors on the market. It is important to avoid a continuous or repeated contact with a source of moisture or extreme heat.