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kitchen refacing vs New in this project.

Posted by sales on February 14, 2013 at 9:20 PM

A lot of kitchen refacing projects that I do are straight forward. This would involve covering the side panels of the wall cabinets and base cabinet. Then Covering the cabinet fronts with the same matching material to match the cabinet door finish. More details to come. We do replace the cabinet hinges along with countertops, trim such as crown moulding and light rail. Modification of cabinets to allow for  larger refridgerators or wall mounted microwaves above your stove are common request which are not difficult to do. 

    Here are some points to consider when not to reface.

  • Your kitchen layout is going to be completely changed. For example your sink location or stove location is being moved.

  • Removing a wall. Usually involves the removal of cabinets  to increase cabinet space and improve the kitchen layout.

  • The interior of the cabinets is flacking off due to water damage.  This is caused from the cups and plates being put back into the cabinets when they are still wet. Usually the particle core is giving off a smell which is a form of dry rot.

  • Kitchen flood. If all the base cabinets are water damage it is difficult to repair. Keep in mind  if the walls cabinets are in good shape new base cabinets can  be manufactured to match the existing base cabinets. 

 These are the most common situations that we encounter I'm sure there are more.

Post your questions here and we will certainly reply. Even if you are not ready for a kitchen renovation we are here to give you the right cost saving advice.  

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