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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing & Refinishing Doors in Vancouver, South Surrey, Langley 

      Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Refinishing Doors in Vancouver, Surrey, Langley .  Call 604-265-9933.  100's of colours to select with cabinet door replacement and counter tops. 


    Are your cabinet doors showing their age?  Are the drawer boxes and slides not pulling out smoothly? Maybe you're in need of a quick update before putting your home on the market.  We can simply exchange your kitchen cabinet doors for newer ones.

 If your cabinets are in good solid condition and you are happy with the layout then there is no need to replace.  On average up to 60% of the cabinets are in place. Drawer and handle hardware can be replaced with modern soft close concealed hinges. 

 We offer you the same kitchen accessories that you would normally have with a new kitchen design.  So there is no need to shop for box store prices when we can offer you solid advice. You deal with one person to get the right information. Even if you're just looking, we want to give you the proper information when making your purchasing decision. 

Kitchen Refacing New Doors


As Always we are doing are our part to eliminate the spread of the COVID-19. Sending us pictures is a sure way we can connect without any risk of spread. Email us your pictures, contact info to sales@kitchenrefacers.ca 

Under mount Sinks with Quartz  Counter tops

Custom Counter Top Tile Installations

Great Kitchen Storage Ideas

Planning Tips For New, Refacing Or Refinishing Kitchens

 Here are some tips in planning out a kitchen renovation project. Either new, refacing or painting, refinishing.

  • Visit other kitchen showroom and friends kitchens that are newly renovated. 
  • Layout your kitchen with masking tape to get an idea of cabinet spacing for an island, pantry larger walking space between cabinets. This will help in determining traffic flow if needed and cabinet sizes.
  • Appliance sizes using new refrigerators: Attention is needed to the door swing and over all sizes. What looks nice in the the store is a total different fit in your kitchen. Therefore plan on what the overall size of the fridge is when the doors are open. Also door swinging  into the traffic area are important to know. Will the door be in way when it is open, also will the dishwasher door create a problem in traffic flow when it is down.
  • Design with storage in mind: Every well planned kitchen will have pull-out shelves in base cabinets or pantries, Get every idea on paper to ensure that all storage is properly planned and mapped out. .
  • Plan for under mount sinks: With quartz and granite being the number choice for counter tops. An under mount sink will be the best choice with this type of surface. If laminate is your choice then a good quality sink that is 16 gauge. This a thicker more durable sink.

These are just a few ideas. Anyone of these tips will help you when it come to a kitchen renovation project.

 Professional Kitchen Cabinet Refacing.

Customer Request to extend Upper Cabinets to Ceiling

Pantry cabinets extended with built in crown moulding package.

What is kitchen Cabinet Refacing and Kitchen Refinishing     
In a few words

  • Large selection of wood and Thermofoil doors.
  • Green Alternative.
  • Helping the Habitat for Humanity.
  • Custom colours
  • You can still prepare food every night. 

  • Quick Turn Around Time
  • Custom Add ons
  • Pantries
  • Islands
  • Extra storage devices available
  • Great for home staging and resale  purposes
  • Crown Moulding
  • Cabinet Alterations

 Kitchen Cabinet Refacing, Painting, Refinishing, Surrey, Vancouver & Langley BC

 Kitchen Cabinet Painting Surrey, Vancouver & Langley area are some of the areas we cover.  This process has two parts involved. The first part is the removal of the cabinet doors and drawer fronts. The next step is painting the cabinets to match the new cabinet doors. Custom colour matching is available. 

This process is the most cost-effective way to update your kitchen. This can be a diy kitchen cabinet refacing project, which allows the customer to do it yourself kitchen painting. We will provide you with the proper kitchen paint, primer and finishing information. Once the painting is complete we will install new doors with updated concealed hinges.  

Watch Before You Reface

 Watch This Video To Learn More About Hinge Hardware.

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Thermoform Replacement Cabinet Doors Vancouver

Few home building materials excite as much controversy as do thermofoil MDF (medium density fiberboard) cabinets. Thermofoil cabinets have many clear advantages. Easy to clean, inexpensive to purchase, thermofoil cabinets have long been a staple of budget kitchen remodels, apartments, condos, and even workshops and hobby rooms. Thermofoil cabinets are also perceived as being like the vinyl siding of kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, in the sense that they represent a lower quality, temporary product.

Thermofoil vs. Laminate/Melamine

Thermofoil is a deceptive name; it has no metal content. Instead, it is a thin layer of vinyl that is vacuum-pressed onto cabinet doors and drawer fronts that are typically constructed of medium-density fiberboard (MDF).

Melamine and laminate cabinets are often confused with thermofoil, yet they are vastly different materials. Melamine and laminate are thin, brittle sheets that are glued to the surface. Excess is removed with a router. Small shops and even DIYers can apply laminate sheets to MDF.

Paint Substitute

MDF alone is not an adequate material for door and drawer fronts. It easily chips, will swell when subjected to water, and does not take paint well. Due to this, MDF needs a solid, not liquid (paint) protective covering. Thermofoil fills that need as it adheres to MDF well.

Thermofoil cabinets are made with a large vacuum press. Cabinet door and drawer bases are laid in the press. A flexible layer of solid color 100% vinyl is laid on top of that. The top is closed, then air is expelled from the chamber. High pressure and an adhesive on the bottom side of the vinyl fuse the vinyl to the surface.

  • Non-Porous: Thermofoil is seamless across the entire face of the surface. Being a plastic product, it is smooth and essentially non-porous. Water will not affect thermofoil.
  • Easy to Keep Clean: Thermofoil is impervious to most staining and is easy to wipe off.
  • Inexpensive: Thermofoil cabinets help manufacturers put out a more cost-effective product, which can result in lower costs to the consumer.
  • Color Consistency: Smooth, consistent color is one hallmark of thermofoil cabinets since the color is "baked into" the vinyl itself.
  • Credit to the Spruce for their content

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Surrey BC

Offering Kitchen Undermount sinks in the Surrey BC area. Ask for details.  We service

  • Servicing Eagle Ridge
  • Westwood Plateau 

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Vancouver,Surrey, Langley BC

 We do offer cabinet refacing in the Vancouver , Surrey, Langley BC area.  When refacing there is another option which involves applying new end panels to the cabinet sides and applying veneer or laminate to the exterior facing of the cabinet boxes. The end result is greener because less waste is going into the landfill. We also donate reusable cabinet components to the habitat for humanity. Average refacing takes between 3-5 days based on a 10 x 10 kitchen. 

 Minor changes can be made to your kitchen layout. This process reduces the inconveniences of a major kitchen renovation. You can use your kitchen every evening to prepare meals. Also some items in your cabinets will have to be re-organized. 

Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Vancouver

We offer  kitchen cabinet remodeling with our kitchen refacing services. If you are looking for other work to be completed in our refacing program. Let us know. Some work we can offer is.

  • Removal of walls
  • Electrical
  • Flooring
  • Windows
  • Plumbing 

  • Wall removal
  • New flooring
  • Bulk head extention
  • Recess lighting
  • Wall tile
  • Cabinet modifications
  • Island
  • Pantry
  • Fridge Cabinet Extension
  • Wine cabinet in island
  • Pullout garbage cabinet
  • Coffee serving pantry
  • Frost glass doors
  • Soft close doors
  • Soft close drawers
  • Granite Counter tops
  • One Happy Customer

  • Contact  604-265-9933 



     Custom Bathroom Cabinet Door Replacement, Refinishing and Refacing.

    Bathroom cabinet door refacing  is another option that should be considered. Take your old vanity and turn it back into new.

    Less mess and hassle. Best to do this project when refacing your kitchen keeping your cost down.

    We also can replace your  countertop.

    Want to know more about Vancouver click on Vancouver to learn about it's size and history.  One thing I did learn is  that Vancouver is the fourth most densely populated city in North America behind New York City.
    Looking for a job in Vancouver go to Vancouver-BC  jobs.