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Granite Countertops, Halifax, Dartmouth  Nova Scotia.

 Watch for our promotions  always being offered. Specialist  in manufacturing and installing natural stone for granite kitchen countertop finishes, bathrooms and many other interior applications. Both Kitchen Refacers and  Granite Design's commitment is to work together with our customers. We make sure that your needs are accurately identified, your questions are answered, your  budget is respected and that, above all, delivery is made within the time requested. Granite countertop prices is based on colour and availability.
SenSa by Cosentino®, easy-care natural granite, SenGuard treated and offered with an exclusive 15-year stain warranty see video. SenGuard technology protects SenSa granite preventing the granite kitchen countertop from staining, while allowing the stone to breathe and retain its natural colour. SenGuard eliminates the need to seal a SenSa granite kitchen countertop. Each slab of SenSa is one-of-a-kind granite that adds beauty, function and elegance to any kitchen thanks to our A quality granite:

    Resistant to common house cleaners
    Requires no special cleaners
    Withstands temperatures of up to 300 ° C [572° F]
    Repels liquids and is UV resistant
    Low maintenance and easy to clean

Rather than applying a granite countertop sealer, SenGuard permeates the stone’s lattice, creating a chemical bond while allowing the stone to breathe. SenGuard anchors to the surface of the stone creating a resistant shield for your granite kitchen countertop. Protect your investment for years to come without the worry of staining.

Granite is a product of nature with hundreds of varieties each possessing unique characteristics. Little can be done to the granite countertop colours because of the natural characteristics of each variety. Therefore, size and colour variation are a factor to consider in the selection of particular granite for your granite kitchen countertop in Halifax and Dartmouth. For more great information visit granite countertops Halifax

Typical  20 year Vanity. Little storage and short in height 31"

Bamboo Silestone counter top with a 16 x 12 under mount sink. New 6 drawer bath vanity. Taller cabinet 33" high with 6 drawers.

Choosing The Right Kitchen Sink.

Granite Manufacturing  Process

Rather me telling you about this company. I would rather show you. No other shop can compare to what you will see enjoy!

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Stainless steel Apron Sinks.

Custom Fits