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Kitchen Cabinet Painting Halifax, Dartmouth. How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

   Kitchen Cabinet Painting Halifax, Dartmouth.  How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets.

 When considering the options and from experience maybe I can break this question down so you can make the right purchasing decision.  If you have watched or viewed other web sites, you might have seen outdated hinge hardware being re-installed on your painted doors. Also you'll see all the work involved taping off the kitchen with plastic to prevent the paint and over-spray from getting on your walls and furniture. 

  The kitchen cabinet door refinishing process is longer and more time consuming. 

 With our cabinet door replacement program, only the doors are replaced with a choose of over 300 combination colours and styles.

    The time and expense it takes to properly prepare your old doors , you can re-fit your cabinets with proper sized updated doors that need no finishing. You can then upgraded to soft close hinges. Also you have the option of modifying  your cabinets if needed before ordering the new door sizes. 

Note: The photo above was fitted with new doors, counter top and back splash. Cabinet boxes were painted by the customer.   

 See the steps in the painting process below.                                                                  

Old Exposed Hinges Removed 
New 5 piece drawer fronts installed
New Soft close hinges are installed

Sprayed Painted Kitchen Paint Kitchen Cabinet Doors After

Kitchen Cabinet Door Painting applied on a MDF center panel with solid wood rail and style. This gives a solid outer edge preventing water damage compared to an all MDF door which is more susceptible to water damage.

Notice the Expose hinges in this video and regular standard drawers.

Cabinet Door Painting Process

Cabinet Door Painting Process

  1. Cabinet doors are removed.
  2. Door Hardware is removed.
  3. Doors are taken to cabinet shop.
  4. Cracks and holes are filled. 
  5. Doors are sanded both sides.
  6. Doors are sprayed and sanded between coats. Several times. 
  7. Labour dollars per square foot of re-finished door is higher then new replacement door.
  8. Cabinets are prepared by cleaning and sanding then tapping off to preventing paint splattering or over spray. 
  9. Cabinet painting process is either sprayed, rolled or brushed on.(Depends on Paint Contractor) 
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Kitchen Cabinet Door Replacement

Kitchen Cabinet Door Replacement Process  
  1. Customer chooses new kitchen cabinet door styles.
  2. Customer can choose new kitchen cabinet door handles.
  3. Customer is offered cabinet refacing ideas because new doors are custom made to fit cabinet openings. (Cabinet modification)
  4. Optional  kitchen storage ideas can be planned into your kitchen remodeling project.
  5. Customer can prepare cabinet painting from our DYI instructions.
  6. New cabinet doors and drawers are install with soft close hinge system.
  7. Optional crown molding and countertops can be installed.  
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Kitchen Cabinet Door Replacement Cost

  Kitchen cabinet door replacement cost and refinishing can reduce kitchen down time,inconvenience and dollars if you want to do some preparation work yourself. Consider having your cabinet  doors replaced only with our re-dooring program. Since the majority of the cabinet is already in place we can still make changes to your existing boxes by adding roll outs and providing hardware replacement to give them the finishing touch. Average kitchen refacing cost can add up to 75% in saving compared to a new kitchen. Note: only the cabinet doors are being replaced not the whole kitchen being recovered.
  No need to purchase raw MDF doors which cost more to finish then our custom made finished  doors. At kitchen Refacers we offer the finest finished doors with the longest warranty of 12 years. See our large selection of colours. PVC Cabinet Door Colours 

Kitchen cabinet painting tips and ideas

Use my Cabinet painting tips and ideas and you will save time and energy and achieve a lasting finish.

Step 1. Remove cabinet doors and hardware.

Step 2. Prepare the cleaner using TSP (Trisodium Phosphate).  This is a powerful chemical, you must wear rubber gloves and safety goggles when using TSP to prevent a chemical burns.

Step 3. Use a micro fiber cloth to wipe the cleaner on, then let sit and   rinse with a clean micro fiber cloth and rinse in a separate container.

Step 4. A trick I use is a fine wire brush to remove any hard to remove  grime. 

Step 5. Wash and rinse till all surfaces are clean and loose paint and                 finishes are removed.

Step 6. Allow to dry.  

Step 7. Sand with 100 grid sand paper. (Fill any crack or holes with paintable caulking) 

Step 8. Use a tack cloth to clean dust.

Step 9. I always have my customers use Bulls Eye Primer (Great drying 

        and leveling performance.

Step 10. Next use a small sponge roller and a good quality paint brush to cut into the tight corners.  

Step 11. Sand lightly with 220 sandpaper.

Step 12. Tack cloth the cabinets.

Step 13. Apply second coat.

Step 14. Apply top finish coat and tint to correct  colour to match the NEW CABINET DOORS  finish.

Note. My customers have excellent results with Benjamin Moore and Seco              

Halifax cabinet refinishing

Before Photo

kitchen cabinet  door replacement, hardware and laminate countertop upgrade.

After Photo

kitchen cabinet  door replacement photo.

  • Hinges concealed.
  • New Countertop.
  • New Backsplash.
  • Crown Mouilding
  • Hardware replacement
  • Cabinet refinishing
  • Shaker Door Style
  • Customer Painted Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Door Staining

This picture shows

cabinets with old cabinet doors

Kitchen cabinet doors are showing two different shades when originally completed 5 years ago.  

Cabinet doors are re-stain then coated with two coats of clear lacquer.

Kitchen cabinet doors are now evenly re-stained as seen on the pantry doors. 

Pantry doors show the biggest change.