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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Cost

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We average  cabinet refacing cost in major cities in Canada by adding the total length of refacing needed. This is only an estimate per linear foot. Extra pricing for cabinet modifications, extra drawer boxes, moulding would be considered an add on when kitchen refacing the cabinets. Read more about The  Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Door Depot. 

1. Measure the total running feet of refacing needed to be done.

2. Measure the pantry cabinet twice.

3. Add the total amount of crown moulding and light rail if needed.

4. Add the total number of drawer boxes to be replaced.

5. Add the number of modifications, for example a fridge height increase or a microwave cabinet above stove would be considered one modification.

6. For counter top, measure each section separately along the backside and round up to the nearest foot.(Based on a standard depth of 25-1/4“)  Consider if any electrical, plumbing, tile work or floor replacement is needed. We can schedule certified trades to have your project completed at the proper time.

7. Considering granite or Kitchen Silestone quartz counter tops? Go to our Bathroom quartz countertop page for more information.

Example..30 feet of cabinets needed to reface, Customer request 20 feet of crown, shorten stove cabinet for new above stove microwave, Add 4 roll outs in pantry for this small kitchen storage ideas, Cut down fridge height for a taller fridge, add one double garbage can.  25 running feet Supply and install new mid range counter top.

Here is my calculation  

30 feet x 120.00 per foot running foot for  white doors( Standard raise panel style) =$3600.00

2 modifications  Stove and fridge cutting @ $75.00 each = $150.00

4 x Rollouts $80.00 each =$320.00

20 feet crown installed $10.00 foot =200.00

Mid Range Laminate counter top install (Customer remove and haul away old top. = $35.00 per foot =$875.00

Plumbing and electrical extra


Total... $5145.00 plus tax (This is only an example price is always subject to final measure)

Watch this quick video below and always ask this question.  


Kitchen Cabinet Door Replacement (Renewit) Program 

Based on 20 doors and 5 drawer fronts. You paint the cabinet boxes and sides and replace the kitchen cabinet doors.

Average cost is $1500.00- $2000.00 hinges (soft close hardware included)

I always say do your research and find out what one door cost per square foot. We average $10.00-$16.00 per square foot already finished. (This is a Vinyl wrap door)  

Take a look at these cupboard  door replacement ideas

Advantage for you  Save time with less sanding. Only the cabinet sides and fronts need to be painted

I do offer the proper information for paint and colour preparation.

Go to our kitchen cabinet door supplier 

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        Additional Savings  by you doing some of the work.

 1. Removal of the old cabinet fronts.
 2. Removal of trim and moulding.
 3. Removal of the countertop.
 4. Disconnect the sink and plumbing.
     Haul away of old material. (Some Box stores charge $200.00 and more)
     Offer to cleanup after each day saves time and money for you. resurfacing cabinets

                              Savings of $150-250

Cabinet refacing cost saving base on a 12 x 12 kitchen

  Complete resurfacing cabinets is based on 20 door 5 drawer fronts in a solid wood, 
stain application is $3900-$4900 starting Price.
 A one piece white PVC door same door and drawer count $2700-3700. Base Price
In a 5 piece PVC door...$3100-$4300. Base Price
22 feet of a mid range laminate countertop.. $550-$750  Extra charge on top of Base Price.

. Plus tax on pricing.
..*Base price* is the starting price.     

Overall if you are covering all cabinet fronts and end panels you could save up to 60%-70% if you are a DIY person.
optional drawer box replacement, hardware,removing and installing  some new cabinets will increase your kitchen refacing cost.
Also you are saving in kitchen downtime compared to new kitchen replacement . We leave your sink,stove and fridge in place till we are ready to replace your counter top. So you can use your kitchen every evening .

Hinge Hardware Comparison

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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Cost

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Cost can be off set by a few different options. What is listed is only an estimate.

With my customers we offer  DIY cabinet refinishing  keeping your cost down.

What we do is clean,lightly sand doors. Then re-stain to existing colour.    

Based on 20 doors and 5 drawer fronts. Re-stain any areas where there are blemishes or fading on existing door and cabinets.

Average cost is $1000.00- $1500.00 plus tax. Go to our cabinet refinishing door program

There are a web sites that you can view to gather some great ideas . Go to kitchen cabinet refinishing cost in pinterest. Once you see

some of these ideas let me know. Then we can put together a program that can fit your budget.

Cabinet Door Replacement verse kitchen cabinet painting

One main advantage replacing your cabinet doors is that you can change the style and switch your hinge system to a soft close if  you have not already click this cupboard door replacement for more information.

What increases the cost

Customers will ask me they like to have a white or Grey finish. Once they learn that there are six shades of white and grey. The price can increase by $200.00 to $300.00  on an average job. Some wood grain finishes fall into the same price point as other whites, greys and cream colours.

The one difference in some finishes is the surface texture. Looking at the surface closer you can see how one can have a rough  texture compared to another being smooth or satin. ,

Another price increase can result in different crown moulding sizes and colours. A crown moulding with a lot of detail can result in a higher price point.

Keep in mind, some jobs require more material which again can increase per linear cost to supply and install. 

Hardware upgrades such as soft close drawer tracks,handles and hinges can increase cost by $100.00 to $1000.00 this is only an estimate.

Remember always ask Questions. Paying for upgrades that you use every day is well worth the cost. That being your hinges.  

Another cost increase can result in your counter top selection. We will continue with this topic in an up coming page.